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We provide up to date study materials, online classes by zoom or in person to obtain your contractors license with the State. Further more, we will take you step by step to ensure that your decision to become a contractor & business owner leads to success. 

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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Business Plans

 Already licensed?   We create  business plans for your business and set you up for success  any business entity DBA's, C Corp, S Corp, LLC, & Non-Profits. 

Accounting Services

Years of experience leads us in our industry. We take care of your bookkeeping , design custom invoices & bill out accounts receivable for businesses. 

Finance Optimization

Manage your own leads in house with free or low cost programs and introduction to industrial &  public projects 

Since 2012, Ms. Contractors Services has been providing trusted contractors licensing and industry adminstrative services that meet a wide range of corporate and personal needs to our clients. We are here to handle all of your business management demands so you can focus on your core priorities — in business and life.

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